About us?

We are a company that was born in 2004, with the aim of being an alternative to traditional medicine, promoting the use of natural medicine, developing and obtaining products of high quality, safety and proven efficacy.

The products of CENTRO NATURISTA FARMA NATURAL are the result of the effort of three decades tirelessly dedicated to the study and investigation of native medicinal plants of Peru, effort directed to offer products with the highest quality that help to promote health and well-being in the person through through alternative medicine, to ensure the quality and competitiveness of our products.


We are a qualified team, trained and experienced in alternative medicine, whose firm commitment is to achieve the well-being of people, through a healthy diet and natural products with 100% guaranteed quality standards. In this way, we achieve an integral and complete treatment for each person.


Is to consolidate nationally and internationally, as a leading company whose purpose is to improve the quality of life through the maintenance and health care through natural products.